Surfing in Lobitos

Lobitos, is considered one of the best beaches for surfing, due to the different types of waves. In addition, it has a fairly reliable swell with little reef. Spring and summer provide the best conditions. The ideal winds are from the east. Clean tubes prevail and the optimum swell angle is from the northwest. There is a reef break on the left.

Season: All year and especially between April and September, with waves from the southern hemisphere.
Average temperature : Cold waters with an average temperature of 18 C ° in winter and 26 C ° in summer.

Types of waves

Se recomienda surfear en la mañana. Es la playa siguiente de la playa Punta Panamá. Posee olas de 0.5 a 1.5 metros de alto, con fuertes vientos; lo que permite la práctica de deportes acuáticos para nivel básico. (Surf, Bodyboard, kitesurf y Windsurf) 

At low tide the tubular wave is formed and at high tide the wall of the wave is special for maneuvering. It is the beach next to Los Muelles. It is located within a Military area, its access is free but sometimes controlled. Beach at the north end of Lobitos. This beach has waves of 0.5 to 2 meters high, it is recommended for all 3 levels, basic, intermediate and advanced. (Surf, Bodyboard and Wind-surf).

This wave formed after the construction of the new pier. Located next to the Lobitos pier, it is fast and takes out tubes. This beach has waves of 1 to 2 meters high, which work at medium-low tide; Perfect waves for surfers who want to live a different experience; Recommended for a medium and advanced level. (Surf and Bodyboard).

This wave works summer. It is a little right / left with a sandy bottom. This beach has waves of 1 to 2 meters high, works at medium-high tide; suitable for 3 levels, basic, intermediate and advancing. (Surf, Bodyboard, Kitesurf and Windsurf).

It is the best known beach in the area. One of the best and most consistent points in all of Peru. Long wave, left, with very good wall and in some months of the year with many tubes. Sand bottom and some rocks in the first section.

Follow high level. Perhaps the most solid tube in the whole area and therefore normally when the one with the most affluence works. It works 5 to 10 feet and sometimes you can join the Lobitos peak below. It is for a more advanced level than Lobitos and the bottom is sandy with rocks, quite treacherous. (Surf and Bodyboard).

When we have waves on all beaches, this wave always saves your day. This peak is the most exposed to swell and therefore the most enduring with small size, from 2 to 10 feet. At low tide it offers good tubes and more power than in the other peaks especially in the final section, you also have to know that when there are good conditions the current is strong to overcome. Recommended for intermediate and advanced levels. (Surf and Windsurf).